Tattoo Needles And Cartridges – Explanation Of Different Types

Tattoo Needles And Cartridges - Explanation Of Different Types

Choosing the right tattoo needle and cartridge is key to a successful tattoo. The type of needle you choose depends on the style and scale of the tattoo. You will need to choose a needle that will deliver the right amount of ink and create the right shape and size of the tattoo mark. Many types of tattoo needles are available, but Kwadron cartridges are famous for their reliability. Whether new to tattooing or a seasoned tattoo artist, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of tattoo needles and cartridges.

Some needles are flats:

The most common tattoo needles are flats. They are soldered to the needle bar and come in various shapes. They are most often used for lines and shading. They can be straight or curved and have different tips. They shade geometric areas or give depth to one-tone colors. They can also be used for dot work, dot tattoos, and tattoos with sharp corners.


Other tattoo needles include liners, which are grouped in circular formations. These needles are dense and have high line saturation. They are ideal for lining small areas and for fine lines. Liners are often tightened at the taper. Liners are also used for color packing.


Another type of needle is a magnum. These needles are made up of two layers of needles interlaced. The needles are made of metal that is shaped like a circle. They are great for lining and shading and are popular for portraits. They are a little softer on the skin than rounds.

Determine the diameter of the needle:

When choosing a needle, you will also want to determine the diameter of the needle. Choosing a size that will cover a large area without causing too much trauma to the skin is important. The diameter will also affect how much ink flows out of the needle. A smaller diameter will result in less ink per stroke. A larger diameter will allow more ink to be packed into the skin, but it will also make it harder for the artist to cover a large area in one pass.

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